Info For Authors

Analogia welcomes and encourages the unsolicited submissions of articles concerned with topics of theological and philosophical interest. Theologically-oriented articles engaging subjects in the natural or social sciences will also be given serious consideration. The unsolicited submissions of book reviews are also welcome. Unless authors have been granted prior approval from the Senior Editor, articles should not exceed 7,000 words. Book reviews should be a minimum of 1,000 words and should not exceed 2,000.

The editors will only consider articles that have not been previously published in English. In the case of translations of articles published in other languages, authors are expected to obtain written permission from the previous publisher. Responses to articles published in Analogia are welcome.

Analogia is a peer-reviewed academic journal that strives to maintain high standards of academic research and professionalism. The quality of articles submitted for publication is assessed by distinguished experts in the field. This impartial process of research validation ensures a high level of evaluation, accuracy, and academic credibility.

For the complete list of authorial guidelines, please see the in-house style sheet. Authors are asked to familiarise themselves with the sheet prior to submitting.

Authors are asked to submit a completed and signed copy of the copyright license with their manuscript. The terms of the copyright license will only be applicable if the author’s paper is accepted for publication.

Please submit manuscripts in Word format to [email protected].
Please direct any further queries to [email protected]